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The navigation system for this is very straight forward, the navigation bar at the top reveals headings like, recipes, dinner, breakfast, desserts, snacks and so forth so its very easy to navigate around the web app very quickly.

It’s consistent in the fact that all the colours are the same. Colourful foods are being displayed to catch the attention of the user. Very appealing language, persuasive wording was used to make them. This website is user friendly, everything is clearly laid out, with labels, nothing is difficult to see or confusing to use. As user friendless it works very well. Like the website above this website has a search bar for a user that is maybe looking for something in particular. A disadvantage to this one is you have to know what you wish to cook, as it does not give you suggestions for recipes. So maybe this website is more targeted at those who know what they want just need instructions rather than inspiration.

The style is very simple with a red and white framework to the web page but the images consist of deep yellows/oranges and greens, white to match the plain background. This is consistent to all other pages linked from this site, like all the recipes.

All the titles for the recipes are in Times size 20, this is to make them stand out as a title, also the font is kept simple to keep the idea of simple recipes flowing through the whole website.


There are various social media sites that are linked to such as Facebook and Twitter, where again you can follow/like their page and comment on the recipes giving them reviews to them upload of their own page, it can also be used to ask questions if you don’t understand. Overall it is just a way to get involved with the website and so the website can feed in to your social profiles.