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Geosoul is an iOS app which allow users to retrieve and view geocache media within a map user interface. The geocaches includes a number of items, using video and audio technqiues there are zones in the area for the user to view. The app requires users to be in close proximity to each geocache (and will not allow users to view content otherwise e.g. without being in the location). Once a user moves into proximity of a geo-located cache an alert is triggered causing the phone to display a tab interface at the bottom of the screen which displays the geocache’s short description. The video and audio of the cache is displayed on the phone when the user decided to touch an available zone. In keeping with the project’s conceptual metaphor of Geosoul – content is arranged in a spacious and bubble like interface. When a user is in proximity of a geocache, they are given a new interface where they are able to view media that has followed the storyline of author. 

The application was built by myself and gave me an introduction into the interactive potentials of Apple’s new programming language, Swift.

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